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We've got your back.

At Buckingham, we pride ourselves on combining personalized service with decades of industry expertise.

As a close-knit team, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through the home financing process with care, transparency, and a commitment to finding the best mortgage solutions for their unique needs.

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Our Process

Summarized below are the key steps you will take when purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home.

How Home

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Determine budget and save for a down payment

Before you even start looking at homes for sale, it's important to determine your needs and budget. Then start saving up for that down payment.

How much can I afford?
STEP 2/4

Get pre-approved

Apply for your mortgage with Guaranteed Rate. Know your buying power, monthly payment options, and show sellers that you’re serious with a pre-approval letter.

How pre-approval helps you
STEP 3/4

Connect with an agent, make an offer, and contract

Start house hunting! An agent knows your market and works with you to find your dream home on your budget. When you find your perfect home, present the seller a purchase contract with all the details.

What real estate agents do
STEP 4/4

Contingencies, appraisal, underwriting, close, move

Once an offer’s accepted, the home needs to be appraised. Next, underwriters check over the financials before clearing you to close. Then it’s time to sign and move in.

Most common questions
STEP 1/4

Determine your goals

Refinancing can lower your monthly payment, help pay your mortgage off faster or let you consolidate debt with a cash-out refi.

Should I refinance now?
STEP 2/4

Run the numbers

Refinancing has more variables than just a new interest rate. Run the numbers so you can know how your monthly payment and mortgage terms may change.

Use our refinance calculator
STEP 3/4

Lock your loan

Most homeowners refinance for a new, lower interest rate, but rates change daily. Apply to refinance as soon as you’re ready and lock your new mortgage rate.

Apply to refinance
STEP 4/4

Close on your refi

Closing on a refinance should feel familiar. You’ll have an appraisal, go through underwriting and then close the mortgage. But this time you’ve already moved in.

Most common questions

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