Our Leadership

Kamran Hanif

Founder & CFO

Buckingham Mortgage LLC was originally founded in 1994 in Potomac, MD by Kamran Hanif.

President & CEO

In 2013, Yousuf Hanif and son of Kamran Hanif, became President & CEO of Buckingham Mortgage.

Meet The Team

Angnita Corryn

Unique Loan Application

I pride myself on dependability and accessibility. Whether it’s a purchase or a refinance, you are working with a highly skilled professional that strives for great customer service. When you are ready to begin the mortgage lending process, I will be with you every step of the way to make sure that your loan closes quickly and smoothly. My favorite part of the job is watching someone get excited to move into their new home. It is gratifying to know that I played such an integral role in helping them achieve their dream of home ownership. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Pink and blue are my favorite colors

Brittany Perkins

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Brittany Perkins, a Baltimore native with a background in business and psychology, excels in the dynamic realm of sales with over 15 years of experience. She is recognized for her ability to cultivate enduring client relationships, navigate industry changes, and surpass expectations consistently. Brittany’s mission is to bring joy, build connections, and create positive change in all her endeavors. Whether closing deals or extending a helping hand, she embodies a vibrant personality and a determined attitude, striving to leave a lasting impact and add brightness to the world, one interaction at a time.

Family is everything to her. Meeting new people makes her very happy. She loves exploring new restaurants, dancing, yoga and the ocean.

Chamani John

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Chamani John is a seasoned finance professional with over a decade of experience in the industry, having commenced her career in 2011. She began her journey at SunTrust Bank, where her exceptional performance garnered multiple awards. In 2018, Chamani transitioned to the role of Mortgage Loan Office leveraging her extensive background in mortgage banking and lending environments. Chamani is distinguished by her strong work ethic, exemplary communication abilities, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Her roots trace back to Sri Lanka, and she actively engages with the Sri Lankan community.

Chamani holds a diploma in dress design and has completed the Physical Therapy Aid program.

Annika Mikkelsen

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Annika E. Mikkelsen is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in management, sales, and project execution. Her career reflects a strong commitment to driving organizational success and fostering customer relationships through strategic initiatives and exceptional leadership. Her expertise in management, sales, and project execution, combined with her strong technical skills and educational background, makes her a valuable asset to any organization. Annika continues to seek opportunities that allow her to leverage her talents and contribute to the growth and success of Buckingham Mortgage LLC

Annika collects old and antique books.

Charles Wade

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I am a retired federal parole officer who has always had an interest in investments, economics and financial preparedness.

I enjoy reading books on politics, economics, business, and financial planning.

Hector Centeno-Cedeno

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Gustavo “Gus” Suarez

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Gustavo Suarez is a mortgage professional with 15 years of experience in the financial field. Gustavo has been helping his clients understand the financial products and opportunities available and preparing them to achieve their goals in homeownership. Gustavo has been consistently recognized for his knowledge, professionalism, and his high level of engagement. He believes that creating an environment of trust and open communication goes a long way. In the years prior to Gustavo joining the real estate industry, he performed duties as a personal finance banker at organizations linked to the World Bank Group in Washington DC and other retail banks. The extensive knowledge he acquired during these years has helped him develop the analytical skills that contribute to better understanding a client’s financial situation and recommending the products that better fit their needs. Gustavo provides his services in English and Spanish. He enjoys educating and presenting the different options to make an informed decision when financing their home. His high work ethics, trustworthiness, responsibility and “Clients-First” mentality helped him create an excellent reputation in the industry. Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important decisions in life, you can count on Gustavo to guide you through that complicated process.

My dream is to create a non-profit in Peru to develop the skills around sports of financially under privileged kids to help them and their families get out of poverty.

Luis Astudillo

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Luis is originally from Lima, Peru, and is a licensed mortgage broker in the state of Virginia. With over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, he specializes in originating mortgage loans and offers a range of programs including conventional loan products, FHA and VA loans, and new construction to permanent financing for primary and second homes. He is adept at securing competitive rates and terms for buyers and real estate investors. As a bilingual mortgage loan officer, he finds great satisfaction in helping clients achieve their dream of homeownership. He is committed to providing top-notch service to clients and referral partners, ensuring a seamless transaction process from start to finish.

Luis enjoys cooking, dining out, coaching soccer whenever possible, listening to jazz and blues and traveling as much as possible.

Scott Weismantel

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Scott Weismantel in our Senior Mortgage Loan Officer. He has been originating loans since 1996, beginning his career as a loan officer with Bank of America. He is licensed in Washington D.C., Virginia and Florida. In addition to residential financing, Scott specializes in non-QM products tailored to diverse financial situations, including those involving foreign nationals, dignitaries, and high-net-worth individuals with complex financial structures. He has been married for 19 years and has three beautiful daughters.

He loves fishing, hiking, and cooking on his kamado grill.

Larry Akinde

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Seasoned and enthusiastic mortgage & financial professional. Client is at the center of every decision me and team makes. How can we help a client accomplish the home purchase of their dreams and still maintain a good and comfortable lifestyle. Licensed in mortgage and financial services for over two decades.

Avid soccer fan, a foodie to the core and loves to travel.

Meriem Rhalib

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Meriem joined Buckingham Mortgage LLC as a Mortgage Loan Officer in January 2024. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Communication and a background in sales and education. She is licensed in Virginia and a board member of the South Asian Association of Real Estate Professionals. 

Meriem writes romance novels and loves to travel. Her dream is to do a world tour one day.

Mekdes Feleke

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Melissa Alvarado

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Melissa Alvarado is a Mortgage Loan Officer at Buckingham Mortgage LLC since 2020. She entered the industry with a strong sales, marketing and leadership background, which she incorporates in her day to day. She graduated from University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and obtained a Master’s in Business Administration- Project Management from Strayer University in Virginia. Melissa is a mother of four, and lives in Frederick MD with her husband David. Her “Familia” is the motor that keeps her going.

Melissa loves going on road trips with her family and stopping at Buc-cee’s. Melissa also enjoys creating handmade crafts, painting; and singing.

Nicole Svetlana Kalina

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Full time loan officer with a diverse background in finance and real estate. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Nicole began her career in a CPA firm, gaining valuable insights into financial management and analysis. From 2014 Nicole has immersed herself in the real estate industry, honing her expertise and understanding of market trends. Transitioning to the role of a loan officer six years ago, she has successfully closed dozens of loans, assisting clients in achieving their homeownership dreams and financial goals. Combining a solid foundation in accounting with extensive experience in both real estate and mortgage lending, Nicole offers clients a unique perspective and tailored financial solutions. Dedication to exceptional service and commitment to client satisfaction make her a trusted partner in the lending process.

Passionate about Holistic medicine, Matcha latte and Tea ceremonies!

Scott Moore

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Scott Moore has been involved in many phases of construction over the years, ranging from residential projects to heavy highway construction. As a heavy equipment operator, he worked on diverse projects, including constructing private school buildings, zoo exhibits, and highway blasting. He relocated to Florida in 1999 to shift away from the construction industry. He has held Real Estate, Mortgage Broker, and 215 Insurance licenses. He has been self-employed for most of his career and thrives on challenges. Financial services feel like a second home to him, and he has a passion for helping people, whether getting them into their first home or assisting business owners in growing their businesses and becoming more profitable. He believes in going the extra mile because it’s never crowded. Success is closer than it appears.

Meaza Gebremeskel

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Meaza has been in the mortgage industry since 1996. She also worked as a loan processor, so she understands every little detail of the process. Now as a mortgage loan originator she enjoys helping clients in their process of buying a new home.

She likes reading book for a personal growth, share her knowledge, and serve her community, especially thee underserved parts of it.

Sydney Koerner

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Sydney has a love for helping people, she is insightful and considerate, she holds herself to a high standard of delivering outstanding customer service. Time spent with her family is important to her, Knowing it is important to others as well. She places significant value in establishing strong relationships with her clients on a personal level. Understanding the struggles of becoming a homeowner. She is here to help her clients triumph over one of life’s greatest purchases and find satisfaction at a place they can happily call home.

Veronika Leshko

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Veronika comes from a private marine background, managing multimillion yachts and working with a diverse base of people. Now setting her feet on land she looks forward to making the home purchase a seamless experience.

She grew up not taking a “no” for an answer, subsequently her life motto is “why not?”

Nilesh Makhija

Unique Loan Application

Graduated from Syracuse University, New York, I hold a Master’s degree in Information Management. A decade of my career was spent in the Information Management space delivering custom Data Management solutions to Fortune 500 companies (such as Walmart, Dell, HP, etc. ) across the globe. Ultimately, I found what I truly enjoyed, which is real estate and helping families to buy their first home and that’s what I have been really enjoying. I have been helping families buy their first homes for more than five years and every day I feel blessed to have a chance to help families own their first home. There are two kinds of mortgage loan officers within every organization: 1 – Who combine the words “customer service” everywhere just because they think they should, and 2 – Who live and breathe “customer service” because the words are embedded in their hearts. I am the latter type! Self-employed individuals and first-time homebuyers have unique challenges to overcome when applying for a mortgage. I have been self-employed myself, so I understand where they are coming from. I enjoy working with first-time homebuyers as well as people who know what they want in a mortgage. The nice thing is that there is always a loan option that fits your needs and goals. As your mortgage loan officer, I am committed to:

  • No Voicemails Ever, we pick up 100% of phone calls (even on holidays)
  • Prompt & transparent communication
  • No surprises in the loan process
  • Quick closing as soon as 14 days after contract ratification
  • Client for life – We never lose touch even after closing and continue to engage for buying investment properties, 1031 exchanges, real estate wealth building strategies
My job is to make your vision a reality, by providing the customized mortgages solutions and my experience I enjoy learning about my client’s diverse backgrounds and different wants and needs for a home. I love working with many types of folks, and I can tell you, in this business, there is never a dull moment. Let’s start exploring your mortgage options together.

When I’m not at work or outside of work, you will find me reading, thinking or meditating. Visiting my happy place, Virginia Beach, is always special to me. I love spending time with my family and have been married for 10 years, have two wonderful children. I enjoy walking the beach with my kiddos Keira, Kiaan, by my side. My favorite pastime is watching sunrises & sunsets and enjoying nature.

Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor in different industries. He has become indispensable member of our team with his experience and profound knowledge of local business landscape.

He brings a lot of laughter to the office (and a lot of snacks). He prefers sitting at the office bar instead of getting an office or a dedicated space.

Sasha Mrak Hendrickson

Sasha is an American-Slovenian professional with over 15 years of proven expertise in marketing, media, and business development. She joined Buckingham Mortgage as a Director of Business Development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and also completed an Executive MBA program. Her career has spanned diverse industries including government contracting, real estate, non-profit, and publishing. She also has experience as an editor for specialized magazines focusing on leadership and people management. Currently, she serves as the President of the American-Slovenian Club in Washington, DC. Sasha was honored as an Ambassador of Diversity for the Slovenian Chapter of an EU Diversity Project and received the Woman of Excellence award from the Women Economic Forum in 2020. Prior to moving to the United States, she led one of the most influential non-profits for economic and leadership development in Slovenia.

She loves dancing, especially the Argentine tango, but don’t have much time due to having “a toddler who has more energy than a Duracell battery”. She relaxes also with landscaping projects at her house. And with a glass of prosecco.

Yolanda Xinyi Wang

Yolanda is an experienced credit analyst, and CFA Level II Candidate, with strong skills in financial ratio analysis, QM and Non-QM loan guidelines, solving problems, structuring loans, and handling difficult case scenarios. She is highly organized and detail oriented. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and legal studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and finished her master’s in financial Analysis in 2016 at Rutgers University.

Yolanda worked as a photographer with a local newspaper when she was still in college. She enjoys arts and literature for most of her after-working life. She is a big dog lover and makes the best black tea in our office.

Yaro Hnatenko

Unique Loan Application

Mortgage Broker DMV + FL & Real Estate Investor, AIRBNB arbitrage

Son Michael , Wife Yuliia , dog Maksim; favorite place to be is Caribbean.

Yuzhi (Stacy) Sheng

Yuzhi Sheng is a skilled financial data analyst with a focus on mortgage-related analysis and support. Her extensive education in accounting, finance, and data analysis equips her with the ability to synthesize financial insights and data-driven strategies to drive organizational success. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Yuzhi Sheng has a strong foundation in financial systems and a keen understanding of numerical data. Her master’s degree in data analysis further enhances her skills, allowing her to utilize statistical analysis and predictive modeling to identify trends, mitigate risks, and optimize operations. Yuzhi Sheng’s critical thinking abilities are a key asset, enabling her to analyze problems, evaluate solutions, and synthesize information from diverse sources. This skill set guides decision-makers toward strategies that align with organizational goals and minimize potential risks.

Stacy has two adorable fluffy cats that offer comfort in their unique way during moments of stress or anxiety, although they can be very mischievous with paper towels making a big mess. Yuzhi is also a huge fan of K-pop, particularly BLACKPINK.

Bharat Mulchandani

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Claudia Sanchez

Claudia introduces herself as having approximately 5 years of experience in the financial sector. She was born in Virginia, whereas her parents hail from El Salvador. Claudia has been a part of Buckingham Mortgage LLC since May 2021, assuming the role of the company’s auditor. Prior to this position, she spent nearly 2 years working at a credit union.

She is married, mother of two amazing kids and a yorkie doggy named Domino. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places together with her family.

Jose I Parada

Jose, born and raised in El Salvador, has spent over two decades immersing himself in the intricate world of the Mortgage Industry. Throughout his journey, he has navigated through diverse markets, enriching his expertise with a deep understanding of its nuances. As a seasoned professional, Jose approaches his work with a zest for life, continuously seeking growth, understanding, and connection in all that he does.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jose finds fulfillment in a diverse range of interests. Whether he’s traveling the globe, engaging in sports, exploring new knowledge domains, or enjoying music and dance, he thrives on the exhilarating journey of discovery. Jose’s love for languages, movies, and the joy of assisting others seamlessly intertwines with his unwavering commitment to family.

Karen Cohen


Karen our mortgage loan assistant. She is proud to mention that she has been part of the Buckingham Mortgage family for the last 13 years. She began as a loan processor and loan Assistant for Kamran and has experienced significant growth in the mortgage industry since joining Buckingham. Karen and her team have played a crucial role in helping many Hispanic individuals achieve their American Dream of becoming homeowners.

She loves seafood and blue color.

Anill Mendez-Cintron

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Nimisha Patel

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Lorena Castro

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Tamera Wilkins

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Shannon Puglisse

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Shannon Puglisse is a seasoned mortgage broker with 4 years of experience, boasting a background in property management and facilities. With a quarter-century spent in Hampton Roads, VA, Shannon is deeply committed to the area and dedicated to securing the ideal loans for their clients. Shannon takes pride in their work at Buckingham Mortgage, a company renowned for its commitment to customer and employee development.

Shannon enjoys traveling, has a home in Pilar Azores, coaches Girls Soccer and composes music.

Mandy Navaee


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Lidia Tamerat

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Kathy Lu

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