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Scott Weismantel

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Scott Weismantel in our Senior Mortgage Loan Officer. He has been originating loans since 1996, beginning his career as a loan officer with Bank of America. He is licensed in Washington D.C., Virginia and Florida. In addition to residential financing, Scott specializes in non-QM products tailored to diverse financial situations, including those involving foreign nationals, dignitaries, and high-net-worth individuals with complex financial structures. He has been married for 19 years and has three beautiful daughters.

He loves fishing, hiking, and cooking on his kamado grill.

Veronika Leshko

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Veronika comes from a private marine background, managing multimillion yachts and working with a diverse base of people. Now setting her feet on land she looks forward to making the home purchase a seamless experience.

She grew up not taking a “no” for an answer, subsequently her life motto is “why not?”

Scott Moore

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Scott Moore has been involved in many phases of construction over the years, ranging from residential projects to heavy highway construction. As a heavy equipment operator, he worked on diverse projects, including constructing private school buildings, zoo exhibits, and highway blasting. He relocated to Florida in 1999 to shift away from the construction industry. He has held Real Estate, Mortgage Broker, and 215 Insurance licenses. He has been self-employed for most of his career and thrives on challenges. Financial services feel like a second home to him, and he has a passion for helping people, whether getting them into their first home or assisting business owners in growing their businesses and becoming more profitable. He believes in going the extra mile because it’s never crowded. Success is closer than it appears.

Sydney Koerner

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Sydney has a love for helping people, she is insightful and considerate, she holds herself to a high standard of delivering outstanding customer service. Time spent with her family is important to her, Knowing it is important to others as well. She places significant value in establishing strong relationships with her clients on a personal level. Understanding the struggles of becoming a homeowner. She is here to help her clients triumph over one of life's greatest purchases and find satisfaction at a place they can happily call home.

Yousuf Hanif

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Info Coming Soon....

Info Coming Soon....

Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor in different industries. He has become indispensable member of our team with his experience and profound knowledge of local business landscape.

He brings a lot of laughter to the office (and a lot of snacks). He prefers sitting at the office bar instead of getting an office or a dedicated space.

Yolanda Xinyi Wang

Yolanda is an experienced credit analyst, and CFA Level II Candidate, with strong skills in financial ratio analysis, QM and Non-QM loan guidelines, solving problems, structuring loans, and handling difficult case scenarios. She is highly organized and detail oriented. She holds a bachelor's degree in economics and legal studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and finished her master’s in financial Analysis in 2016 at Rutgers University.

Yolanda worked as a photographer with a local newspaper when she was still in college. She enjoys arts and literature for most of her after-working life. She is a big dog lover and makes the best black tea in our office.

Yuzhi (Stacy) Sheng

Yuzhi Sheng is a skilled financial data analyst with a focus on mortgage-related analysis and support. Her extensive education in accounting, finance, and data analysis equips her with the ability to synthesize financial insights and data-driven strategies to drive organizational success. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Yuzhi Sheng has a strong foundation in financial systems and a keen understanding of numerical data. Her master’s degree in data analysis further enhances her skills, allowing her to utilize statistical analysis and predictive modeling to identify trends, mitigate risks, and optimize operations. Yuzhi Sheng's critical thinking abilities are a key asset, enabling her to analyze problems, evaluate solutions, and synthesize information from diverse sources. This skill set guides decision-makers toward strategies that align with organizational goals and minimize potential risks.

Stacy has two adorable fluffy cats that offer comfort in their unique way during moments of stress or anxiety, although they can be very mischievous with paper towels making a big mess. Yuzhi is also a huge fan of K-pop, particularly BLACKPINK.

Jose I Parada

Jose, born and raised in El Salvador, has spent over two decades immersing himself in the intricate world of the Mortgage Industry. Throughout his journey, he has navigated through diverse markets, enriching his expertise with a deep understanding of its nuances. As a seasoned professional, Jose approaches his work with a zest for life, continuously seeking growth, understanding, and connection in all that he does.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jose finds fulfillment in a diverse range of interests. Whether he's traveling the globe, engaging in sports, exploring new knowledge domains, or enjoying music and dance, he thrives on the exhilarating journey of discovery. Jose's love for languages, movies, and the joy of assisting others seamlessly intertwines with his unwavering commitment to family.

Karen Cohen


Karen our mortgage loan assistant. She is proud to mention that she has been part of the Buckingham Mortgage family for the last 13 years. She began as a loan processor and loan Assistant for Kamran and has experienced significant growth in the mortgage industry since joining Buckingham. Karen and her team have played a crucial role in helping many Hispanic individuals achieve their American Dream of becoming homeowners.

She loves seafood and blue color.

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