Nilesh Makhija

Unique Loan Application

Graduated from Syracuse University, New York, I hold a Master's degree in Information Management. A decade of my career was spent in the Information Management space delivering custom Data Management solutions to Fortune 500 companies (such as Walmart, Dell, HP, etc. ) across the globe. Ultimately, I found what I truly enjoyed, which is real estate and helping families to buy their first home and that's what I have been really enjoying. I have been helping families buy their first homes for more than five years and every day I feel blessed to have a chance to help families own their first home. There are two kinds of mortgage loan officers within every organization: 1 - Who combine the words “customer service” everywhere just because they think they should, and 2 - Who live and breathe “customer service” because the words are embedded in their hearts. I am the latter type! Self-employed individuals and first-time homebuyers have unique challenges to overcome when applying for a mortgage. I have been self-employed myself, so I understand where they are coming from. I enjoy working with first-time homebuyers as well as people who know what they want in a mortgage. The nice thing is that there is always a loan option that fits your needs and goals. As your mortgage loan officer, I am committed to:

  • No Voicemails Ever, we pick up 100% of phone calls (even on holidays)
  • Prompt & transparent communication
  • No surprises in the loan process
  • Quick closing as soon as 14 days after contract ratification
  • Client for life - We never lose touch even after closing and continue to engage for buying investment properties, 1031 exchanges, real estate wealth building strategies
My job is to make your vision a reality, by providing the customized mortgages solutions and my experience I enjoy learning about my client's diverse backgrounds and different wants and needs for a home. I love working with many types of folks, and I can tell you, in this business, there is never a dull moment. Let's start exploring your mortgage options together.

When I'm not at work or outside of work, you will find me reading, thinking or meditating. Visiting my happy place, Virginia Beach, is always special to me. I love spending time with my family and have been married for 10 years, have two wonderful children. I enjoy walking the beach with my kiddos Keira, Kiaan, by my side. My favorite pastime is watching sunrises & sunsets and enjoying nature.

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